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Autobase read: automatic car wash industry development prosperity in South America

Product Details:

Place of Origin:BEIJING,CHINA
Brand Name:TEPO-AUTO
Detailed Product Description

In South America, automatic car wash system industry start from the early 1990s, but the economic development result the automatic car wash service slow developing. Since 2005, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Venezuela and other countries economy began to rapid development to result the demand of high-speed automatic car wash service.

Because most South American countries and regions are dominated by developing countries, so the requirements for the automatic car wash is not very clear, has appeared in Italy, the United States, Spain and other countries of producing automatic washing machine. After seven years of car washing field competition, so the operator had to find the higher performance and lower cost of automatic washing machine in the global industry.

In the global Automatic washing machine manufacturing, high performance and low cost of car washing machine manufacturers concentrated in China, making the majority of customers to purchase automated washing machine in China. However, the made-in-China automatic washing machine quality and maturity of the technology remains to be investigated. During this time, Autobase has sold a lot of the world's TEPO-AUTO brand of washing machine. In Cuba, Chile, Mexico and other countries have emerged Chinese car washing machine, after up to 5 years of market applications, TEPO-AUTO Car  washing machine durable capacity is as about the brand which the local people talked. Autobase manufacturing automatic washing machine quality and technical maturity be recognized. Here I must mention that  the high quality and lower cost performance of car washing machine allows customers to bulk purchases. The most fundamental reason is  that Autobase technical requirements and enterprise development spirit. Keep the Services after sale for customers to purchase machine is aim of  Auto base service in global .

 Please browse the TEPO-AUTO brand of Autobase Car Wash System sample in Mexico, ask you see unique car washing machine. 


TEPO-AUTO Tunnel Car Washing machine are working


elegant environment customer rest area and cashier area


When car entrance into TEPO-AUTO Tunnel Car Wash System


The process of TEPO-AUTO Tunnel Car Wash System


bright and spacious wipe vehicles the area - can park 20 vehicles


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