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Washing Machine Technology Decided Market

Good quality Car Wash Machine for sales
Good quality Car Wash Machine for sales
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Washing Machine Technology Decided Market

China Washing Machine Technology Decided Market supplier
Washing Machine Technology Decided Market supplier Washing Machine Technology Decided Market supplier

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Washing Machine Technology Decided Market



Automatic Car Wash System- Technology decide the market position!
During the Automatic Car Wash System development 5 years, there are many powerfull and brand car washing machine manufacturer entrance this market and made business dismally. But there are so many without power and brand small company also insist on this market flexible Is not big brand better than small brand? It should not ,or be not. The main reason is that , these big manufacturer hard get the right direction for their products, dsidain to compete with small manufacturer. Due to this point, the products popularity is not equal with sale.

Washing Machine Technology Decided Market
Firstly, the price competion become the small brand main Means of competition. So, in order to reduce manufacture cost, the products quality can’t get strictly control and profit lower very much. As the profit lower, small brand don’t have enough money for reaserch and design. It result not to improve the profit by high quality products, it only continue price war again. It become into vicious cycle. Small brand is forever lower price , lower quality, without appearance characteristics and details of advantages. The big brand ‘s product quality is higher than small brand produdts due to design technology and team , All shipments and combination of brand value, so the big brand products have more profit and will own more resouce and moeny to design more better and personality products to get more profit. This is a virtuous cycle which make the distance of big brand and small brand far and far, the selection of customer is more clear. The lower price of small brand is a double-edged sword,hurt self and others.

The second , the small brand advaned function and equipment fast use are based on Immature and get quick rich. With reference for Tunnel Car Wash System, chinese small brand Tunnel Car Wash System occuied the Awareness of the main position in the beginning. Due to hurry to produce, the products have so many defects and copy . Although after so many years, Domestic small brands fualt rate and Maintenance costs is higher than big brand. At present, the lower car wash system don’t have more optimization for system and running effect can’t meet customer satisfied. Even it can't to ensure the normal use of operator during normal operation. Due to this reason, this kinds of car wash system push more function selecting to meet customer in order to lead customer mistakly.  It is very hard to make the second consumption and longer cooperation relastionship. Look at the big brand company, wich don’t have bigger courage than small brand company, but pay more attentation for machine stablity and safety.

Domesticsmall brand company can pass on the hareware, but the big brand company had required striclty for hardware, more require for software. So the big brand system running is more smooth and better than small company. So the small company high performance strategy like technology great leap forward,spoil things by excessive enthusiasm

Washing Machine Technology Decided Market


The basic reasion is that the technical is controled by the person and homogeneity technology thinking,So a lot of small brands homebred car washer is almost no difference on the hardware configuration,they find the different at appearance design and system optimize. Of course we can not remove the good washing machine brand at the international market. More support from global technical ler the car wash brand push of the machine which can let the industy keep a foothold.,for excmple the Autobase Wash System ,the TEPO-AUTO car wash system is a good representative.Autobase push out the first car wash system which can let self-service automatic car wash equipment come thure.Has already surpassed the standard of international trade. And the price is cheaper.Only half or a third less than price,Bring more cost-effective choice for consumers.

Small brand automatic car wash machine appearance of innovation can only temporarily meet the consumer's attention. Automatic car wash is not a vase ,it is the customer’s tool and they use it to make money.So they can not meet the demanding needs of the consumers of functional and performance. So the sales volume is difficult to break through. If they have ,it is also a temporary phenomenon.On the long run such enterprises in the development of confidence is extremely insufficient.

Washing Machine Technology Decided Market 

Innovative features for automatic car wash machine can extend the field of application.
The current domestic small and medium-sized brand of automatic washing machine began to pay attention to the comprehensive function and innovation.Performance seems to be full,But user experience is often poor,. Both are automatic car wash ,but don't know how many times slower than international standards level,it can not contain a lot cars..the modules are separate controled and slow processing cohesion,and it is also not clearly .The function is complete but stability and usability is poor so the customer afraid t buy it.
In addition domestic small and medium-sized brand automatic car wash machine also has the problem of short service life. The comfortable and fluency can not solverd,.that is also affect the Domestic small brand products’ confident .so the domestic automatic car washer function improve faster, and the lower price, it is still hard to have a breakthrough in sales.But at present the small and medium-sized domestic brands have realized the seriousness of the problem,and constantly trying to find a solution

If the company can not have core technology,they will meet a lot of difficult in the development process.Want to develop outstanding advantage of the core technology is too unrealistic for these companies, capital and technology accumulation is far from enough,Soat present what can they so is to win the trust of upstream resources, seek cooperation with upstream, access to technical support.But after get upstream supply high quality resources, also don't get rich quick listed is not mature products, not only will the hit brand, can also affect the upstream partners trust in you.Screen and chip is now domestic tablet market the main two aspects.Who have mastered these two aspects should say could master the market trends.Closely to plate the upstream resources, chips and the brand is small, but also can be in an impregnable position,Brand is small,But also can be in an impregnable position
The above small brands has nothing to do with which brand,Autobase want to say tthat,Factory and the company doesn't have anything to do with the size of a brand.Products provider, accurate positioning is the key to determine brand.so please do not understandless.


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