Automatic car washing machine development report

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Automatic car washing machine development report

China Automatic car washing machine development report supplier
Automatic car washing machine development report supplier Automatic car washing machine development report supplier Automatic car washing machine development report supplier

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Automatic car washing machine development report

   In the past 2012, The worldwide economic downturn have  a direct impact on the development of automatic car washing machine industry. This greatly changing the depth thinking of the car washing machine brands, and also provides the necessary new thinking for the future in the field of global car washing machine. Now Autobase tell you the change of the car wash machine industry after 2013.
  Europe: In here, the automated car washing has become a habits, and also provide fertile ground for the development of automatic car washing machine, automatic car washing machines can be seed everywhere in Europe. European car wash industry after decades of development has been very mature, specialized car wash machines become the popular in here.  Professional car washes in Europe are subdivided into self-service car wash and automated car wash service model, the consumption habits of the car owners become a landscape here. The application of automatic car wash services in Europe are most of the local manufacturing, mingled with automatic car washing machine manufactured in the United States in some high-end car wash chain stores. Here have to say is Europe's largest imo-carwash car wash chain; this is a rather prestigious car wash service brand in the world. Specialized car wash chain has been created more than 1900 regular service chain stores after more than 20 years, almost every country throughout Europe. It’s service is focus on the automated car washing machine service, taking the world's leading technology of automated car wash line, of course, the car wash charges is not cheap, single car wash maximum fee amounting to more than 160 RMB. The daily Vehicle come to here to washing are not less than 600 motorcycles, take a look at a car wash chain service shops are so busy! And how is the situation of automatic car washing machine here? In the maturing car wash services market the only we can do is replacement! The European automatic car wash machine optimal representative undoubtedly is the washtec brand; it represents the role of a pioneer in the development of car washing machine even around the world. However, in 2012, as well as the debt crisis in Europe, the market becomes saturated and other factors made the car washing machine brand got shacked, especially the rollover car washing machine become the most popular products here, along with high equipment prices and the high cost of the service which makes the customers can not bear, the space can been expand is extremely limited. It is precisely for the Italy ceccato to have a big chance to develop. What’s interesting is the automatic car washing machine in Europe is difficult to sell to the world, why did this happen and Autobase had analysis in the previous detailed statement. The 2012 car washing profit showed in Europe: the development of automatic car washing machine in Europe has encountered unprecedented difficulties; a sharp decline in sales for these practitioners had to choose to leave. The difficult development as well as a large number of layoffs makes European automatic car washing machine provider feel the coming winter for the car wash industry. In the future 5-10 years car washing machine in Europe, the whole industry chain will make quick adjustments, which makes the practitioners to lay down their "shelf" and practical development of Asia and the world popularity. The popularity represents the market needs, but also the market most needs. European economic crisis has made the people engaged in the field of car wash service have no way to find effective sources of funding; this is the root cause of the problem.
  United States: United States car wash industry is worse, from the 2008 financial crisis, which has been a brutal start. The most representative sonny's, since the 2008 results showed a rapid decline in the state, and now they still have a hard time. This is the situation of the reality car washing machine manufacturers in U.S.A. The speed decline of sales makes the car washing machine service providers have had to find another way to make a live, which is the rapid development of the global platform market. Well, the mature U.S. car washing machine along with the reality of the high prices making them more difficult to get out. The all them can do is waiting for the old customers to replace their old car wash machines. The car wash service practitioner’s financial loans are the only hope that they can lay on. And there is also accompanied by many uncertain factors.
  China: In China, the rise of the automatic car washing machine is less than 15 years. The mixed inferior quality, price confusion, the technology is extremely immature and many other factors all the time. So, after years of development, how is the today automatic car washing machine? It is obviously that the market here is big enough, big enough to accommodate almost more than 2000 units per year. But the actual situation is not optimistic, the cheap car washing machine as well as industry immaturity practitioners make the business man loss their confidence on the market, the Internet filled with the false propaganda makes the car wash provider feel satisfied temporarily. But long-term, intellectual property is the key of the future global competition, in other words, lack of technology and no self technology are the key points of Chinese car wash industry. Here the most representative brand is Autobase, in the world only of Italy ceccato and China autobase can be exported to the world more than 60 countries and regions, especially in developing countries, more showed the brand strength. Car washing service in China is just the initial stage, automated car washing machine really get recognized here is relatively regularization car wash service agencies. In the future, whether car washing machine service providers or car wash services industry, still great enough space for improvement. Whether there goanna have a strong brand come out, it depends on the industry! In 2012, the development of the automatic car washing machine industry is also subject to the impact of the global economic crisis, making the car wash service are thinking hard to the future.
  Summary: automatic car washing machine industry, Autobase sees more opportunities. you may think that our point of view are pessimistic, but precisely the pessimistic side can make a clearer understanding and insight to the true meaning here , to know how to provide more high-quality products and services for the industry. 2013, even in the future for a long time, the world's car washing machine showing the cross penetration development-led market and more market segments which easy to realized the market! Details determine success or failure, decided to the development of the technology, positioning decide the future development of the industry, Autobase report for you here, If you want to know more industry insights concern of Autobase, concerned about China's car washing machine in the world. Why we are talking so much about Europe’s car wash services, without a doubt, the Europe car wash services related the global industry developments. In China, there also can show the Future the automated car wash service and hand car wash the mainstream led professional car wash service development, because of the high human cost, the automatic car washing machine on the market will be quickly recognized and implementation. Well, automatic car washing machine mature technology is what Chinese company should be paid to in the next 5-10 years, the car wash services become a part of our daily healthy happy life.
  The industry recommended: car washing machine in China is difficult to go out, is there anyone think about the reason carefully? Orderly thinking habitual, patchwork and key technology research are the key factors that a brand which can really go out! This is the industry accumulated process. Stop and think carefully about what we want to get? Really want to develop to which direction? Malicious competitions, mutual slander, information asymmetry contemporary are the biggest obstacle for Chinese automatic car washing machine development. Lack of market segmentation, and a good understanding of judgment are become the ideological obstacles for practitioners.


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