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China good quality AUTOBASE--NEWS on sale China good quality AUTOBASE--NEWS on sale
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Best-selling tunnel washing & car care wash machine tepo-auto
Car Wash Machine(139)

Tunnel car washing TEPO-AUTO

TEPO-AUTO Tunnel car washing is Autobase company’s one of the best-selling car washing machine. In 2010, AUTOBASE tunnel make full upgrade and technical improvements for the TEPO-AUTO Series washing machine. ...    Read More

[2016-11-09 14:12:07]

Car wash system TEPO-AUTO TP-902

TEPO-AUTO Tunnel washing machine is Autobase company’s one of the best-selling car washing machine. In 2010, AUTOBASE tunnel make full upgrade and technical improvements for the TEPO-AUTO Series washing machine...    Read More

[2016-11-09 14:11:00]

Automatic Tunnel Car Wash System

Automatic Tunnel Car Wash System Car wash chain in the U.S. history has been a local-made washing machine "to dominate the world." Today this pattern is broken completely "Autobase" brand from China,! Autobase ...    Read More

[2016-11-02 15:40:12]

car wash equipment TEPO-AUTO-TP-901

Automatic car care wash machine, hand car wash equipment Wherever you are on the planet, there is almost definitely a direct distributor of Autobase in you most vicinity who will provide whatever services you ...    Read More

[2016-10-11 14:37:33]

Automatic Rollover car washer TEPO-AUTO-WF- 800

AUTOBASE professional service involves: Auto service-- car care, environmental protection, car wash systems and rail transit four domains. Subordinate including AUTOBASE, TEPO-AUTO , TOPTECH . The product ...    Read More

[2016-09-28 15:55:25]

Automatic Rollover car washer AUTOBASE- WF-51

1. Use the world’s top foam brush. 2. Touches between system and car bodies were soft. 3. Wash noise of system is lower than 28 decibel. 4. Material won’t have any impurity adsorption and paint damaging. 5. ...    Read More

[2016-09-26 14:01:44]

Automatic Rollover car washer TEPO-AUTO-WF-501

The functional design of TEPO –AUTO Rollover Car Wash System has reached the international advanced level and all products has gained CE. TEPO-AUTO Car Wash System has advantages of lowest energy consumption, ...    Read More

[2016-09-26 14:01:22]

Tunnel car wash machine whicn very fast washing speed

Car wash system development -strategy firslty Autobase Car Wash System always take the Strategy development as the firstly position model, due to strategy development is of autobase development base and guide ...    Read More

[2016-09-26 13:59:05]

Tunnel car wash machine with 10-18 meters long

TEPO-AUTO tunnel washing machine high pressure water spraying system adopt swinging in line type spraying devices, guarantee even pressure when washing vehicle pressure and wide spraying area effectively, the ...    Read More

[2016-09-26 13:58:45]

Tunnel car wash machine

TEPO-AUTO Tunnel Car Wash Machine is started a brand new project of aesthetic design. The brand new color coordinator and highly aesthetic profile formed the classics of TEPO-AUTO. The new TEPO-AUTO washing ...    Read More

[2016-09-26 13:58:28]

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